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May 10 | Negotiate with Confidence

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CocktailBuilding connections and knowledge.

About the Women's Network Cocktail Series

The provision of regular events is at the core of our efforts to create a vibrant community that supports you throughout your career.

The Cocktail Series is designed to offer in-person opportunities for professional development through presentations provided by award-winning thought leaders, media personalities, best-selling authors, accomplished professors, career and leadership coaches, and senior-level executives. These experts offer their insights and experiences to our attendees, sharing valuable insights and strategies for success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

In addition to providing valuable learning opportunities, each event will provide ample networking time, allowing attendees to build and strengthen relationships with fellow professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or a rising star in your industry, the Women’s Network Cocktail Series is the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

SocialBuilding connections

About the Women's Network Social Series

Our newest addition to the Women’s Network line-up is our Social Series.  Currently offered twice annually, these events are focused on networking and encouraging attendees to build and strengthen relationships.

Attendees should come with the intent to connect and collaborate, not to solicit or sell.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or a rising star in your industry, the Women’s Network Social Series is the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

SummitProfessional & Relationship Development From Your Desk!

About the annual Women's Professional Summit

The annual Summit brings together and supports women professionals to share ideas, update skills, pique critical thinking, and provide career advancement and success strategies.

Hosted on a virtual platform, the fourth annual event will continue to focus intensely on content delivery, featuring 12 different sessions, each crafted to level up your skills and thinking.

From professional development workshops to panel discussions led by industry leaders, every moment is an opportunity for growth. ELEVATE encourages women to raise their aspirations, enhance their skills, and broaden their impact!

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About the Women's Network

The Women’s Network is an active professional network that cultivates professional women across every level, sector, and age.
The Women’s Network provides events that strongly focus on content delivery, attendee engagement, and relationship building.

Designed with intention based on academic studies, the mission of the Women’s Network is to build women’s professional capital by developing their connections, knowledge, reputation, and experiences by providing:

  • – Content for professional development provided by experts, industry leaders, and local leaders to support members’ growth.
  • – Environments to network, strengthen relationships and build connections with powerful, like-minded women.
  • – A platform to advance the reputation of women in business.

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