Women’s Professional Summit: ELEVATE 2024

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ELEVATE Your Professional Journey: 2024 Women's Professional Summit

Empower, Learn, Evolve, Validate, Achieve, Thrive, Excel – Join us for an inspiring experience at the fourth annual Women’s Professional Summit, themed ELEVATE. We’re aiming to level up our careers, skills, and self care to make the most out of this year!

Why Attend?

  • Elevate Your Skills: Tune in to 12 different sessions, each crafted to level up your skills and thinking. From professional development workshops to panel discussions led by industry leaders, every moment is an opportunity for growth.
  • Elevate Your Perspective: Exchange bold ideas, update your soft skills, and ignite your critical thinking. Our attendees consistently praise the Summit for its impactful content.
  • Elevate Your Career: Gain actionable insights and strategies for career advancement and success. The Summit isn’t just an event; it’s a catalyst for your professional transformation.
  • Elevate Your Network: Connect with a vibrant community of women professionals. For those in the area, don’t miss the chance to meet speakers, sponsors, and fellow attendees at our exclusive in-person after-party at The Hamilton Club, offering a prime opportunity to forge lasting relationships in a memorable setting.

Ready to ELEVATE? Register now and be a part of an event that’s more than just a summit – it’s a movement. Elevate your career, elevate your network, elevate YOU!

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ThemeDeskside Professional Development!

About the 2024 theme: ELEVATE

In the wake of a transformative period marked by global challenges and evolving professional landscapes, the 2024 Women’s Professional Summit embraces the theme ELEVATE. This year, we’re not just looking forward, but upwards, focusing on lifting every aspect of our professional lives to new heights.

This year’s Summit is designed to inspire, educate, support, and empower. Through a dynamic array of Ted talk-style presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, we will delve into strategies for personal and professional growth. We’ll explore elevating our leadership, creativity, and supporting selfcare so that we can achieve our individual goals.

The Summit is a platform for women to amplify their voices, redefine their goals, and forge a path of elevated success. It’s about building resilience, embracing flexibility, and setting new benchmarks in our careers and lives.

Join us as we celebrate this journey of elevation. Together, we’ll not only emerge stronger but also soar higher. Be a part of this mindset at the 2024 Women’s Professional Summit – where we don’t just grow, we ELEVATE.


Summit Schedule

First-Half of Morning Sessions Begin

9:00 AM
Summit Kick-off
Summit Kick-off

Join co-hosts Kristine Leadbetter-Gold and Jennifer Hughes  as they inaugurate the summit with insights from the past year and essential guidelines to maximize your ELEVATE experience!

9:15 AM
Spotlight Session
Sustainable Performance

Elevate your energy

Presenter: Robin Lacambra

Session details: What drives your effort? At what cost? When do you give yourself permission to rest or indulge in joy? In this presentation, Robin will challenge perfectionism (i.e. burnout culture in disguise) learn more

9:30 AM
Spotlight Session
Levelling Up: Your Inner Power

Elevate your confidence

Presenter: Dr. Georgette Zinaty

Session details: Dive into how you show up, how others experience you,  how you level up your presence, your confidence to be able to reach your goals. We will also learn how to network UP in order to learn more

9:45 AM
Spotlight Session
From Chaos to Calm: Proactive Routines for Balanced Success

Elevate your performance

Presenter: Ann Gomez

Session details: Ann will introduce her specially designed tool for creating a ‘Proactive Routine’, empowering you to align your time with your most significant priorities and work smarter, not harder learn more

Morning Break

10:00 AM
Morning Break
Morning Break
Stretch & Snack Time

Second-Half of Morning Sessions Begin

10:30 AM
Spotlight Session
``Boundary” is NOT a DIRTY word!

Elevate your boundaries

Presenter: Ashlee Livingstone

Session details: In this session we will uncover your limiting belief around boundaries, help you reframe boundaries, and learn how to confidently set boundaries to protect your time, energy and priorities learn more


10:45 AM
Spotlight Session
Unleash Your Elevator Pitch

Elevate your narrative

Presenter: Priya Sam

Session details: If you dread answering the question, “tell me about yourself…”, this session will help you flip the script and come up with an answer that you learn more


11:00 AM
Workshop Session
Strategy: a Blueprint for Professional Advancement

Elevate your career strategy

Presenter: Mark John Stewart

Session details: In this dynamic session, strategy professor and consultant Mark John Stewart unpacks why and how you should intentionally equip yourself with the ability to influence and create impact by learn more

Mid-Day Break

11:30 AM
Mid-Day Break
Mid-Day Break
Stretch & Snack Time

First-Half of Afternoon Sessions Begin

12:00 Noon
Spotlight Session
You're qualified. You belong here.

Elevate your authenticity

Presenter: Gazzy Amin

Session details: Join Gazzy for an interactive workshop on discussing a woman’s place at the table. learn more


12:15 PM
Spotlight Session
Total Wealth Evolved

Elevate your health & wealth

Speakers: Kerri Latchman & Michelle Heaphy

Session details: Drawing lessons from the wisdom of your future self, discover why a holistic approach to your well-being is the key to a fulfilled life.

12:30 PM
Spotlight Session
Reframe Your Story: Master your mindset, change your life

Elevate your mindset

Speaker: Tammy Heermann

Session details: We know the power of stories to change and to persuade, but we rarely examine the most important stories: those we tell ourselves. Learn more.

Afternoon break

1:00 PM
Afternoon Break
Afternoon Break
Stretch & Snack Time


Second-Half of Afternoon Sessions Begin

1:15 PM
Spotlight Session
ELEVATE Leadership Panel
2:00 PM
Workshop Session
Think Pink

Elevate your brand

Speakers: Rebecca Repa & Kyla Kumar

Session details: At 65 and counting, there is simply no denying that Barbie has reinvented herself in a big way and the brand is more relevant, and profitable than ever. Are there lessons we can apply to the Barbie case study to help us elevate and better articulate our own brands? Learn more


2:30 PM
Spotlight session
The Power Of Keeping That Body Moving

Elevate your movement

Speakers: Camille Jones

Session details: Research consistently demonstrates that when we neglect movement, our bodies suffer the consequences, leading to a breakdown in physical and even mental well-being… learn more


2:45 PM
Summit Wrap-up
Summit Wrap-up

Co-hosts Kristine Leadbetter-Gold and Jennifer Hughes share closing remarks, door prizes, and share what’s happening at the after-party!

2:45 Virtual Summit Wraps Up

5:00 PM In-Person After-Party

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
In-person after-party (networking social)
In person After-Party
In person After-Party
Join us at The Hamilton Club for our private after-party networking event!

View ticket information and details below.


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In-Person After-Party

We’re excited to invite you to the ELEVATE After-Party, an in-person celebration of our amazing Summit + International Women’s Day.

  • Complimentary beverage with your ticket
  • Gift to the first 100 in the door
  • VIBE Photobooth experience
  • A delicious array of nibbles and bites
  • Networking with other like-minded professionals
  • An opportunity to celebrate our collective achievements

Date: March 22, 2024
Time: 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Where: The Hamilton Club
Tickets: click here

Can’t make the Summit but want to join us at the after-party? No problem — tickets are available separately.



A special thank you for making this day possible for all of us



Lynne Carriere

Marketing and Business Development Leader

Camille Jones

Wellness Designer and Self Image Cheerleader

Priya Sam

Story Architect, Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Gazzy Amin

Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker

Kyla Kumar

Vice President, Communications & Brand Strategy, University Health Network

Robin Lacambra

Somatic and Relational Therapist

Tammy Heermann

Author, Speaker, Advocate for Women’s Advancement

Ann Gomez

Speaker, Author, & Founding President, Clear Concept Inc.

Kristine Leadbetter-Gold

Founder and Host, Women's Network

Saphia Khambalia

Broadcast Journalist & TV Host

Kerri Latchman

Senior Financial Planning Associate

Michelle Heaphy

High Net Worth Banking Advisor

Jennifer Hughes

National Manager of Learning and Development, Gowling WLG

Margaret Zanel ICD.D

Co-Founder & Partner, Strategy and Leadership, Wentworth Strategy Group Inc.

Rebecca Repa

EVP Clinical Support and Performance, University Health Network


Who Should Attend?

The Women’s Network is tailored for forward-thinking professionals eager to level up in their careers and organizations looking to build up their teams’ professional competencies. Whether you’re an individual striving for career excellence or an enterprise dedicated to nurturing talent regardless of its location, we’re your ideal destination.  Our core objective is to build up professional women and our doors are open to everyone keen on genuine growth and networking. Attendees should come with the intent to learn, connect, and collaborate, not to solicit or sell.

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