I love helping women stand out and use their voice to become known in their organization or industry. In a world where doing good work is the baseline, creating a brand for yourself at work is a crucial part of your strategy for creating the career and opportunities you want.

creating a brand for yourself at work is a crucial part of your strategy for creating the career and opportunities you want

  1. Become known for something: What is something you believe in deeply? Maybe it’s an approach to the work you do. Or a principle that you hold dear. Let what already moves you deeply become part of how people know and understand you. Being known for caring about something can feel vulnerable, but being known for nothing actually puts you in a more vulnerable place as you may be asked to do work that goes against your values or you could be passed over for opportunities where you could bring your values to life.
  2. Be willing to be seen: You can’t raise your profile if you are always hiding out, keeping your head down, and staying out of the way. Find the opportunities that are exciting or interesting to you and go talk to decision makers about them. They won’t always say yes [although you’d be surprised!] but it demonstrates for them the desire you have to play a bigger part.
  3. Get your reps in: In my coaching with clients, we focus on creating new habits because the more often you do something, the better you get at it and the closer you move to your goal. The same applies here. Asking once doesn’t make you visible or known for something and it doesn’t help you learn how to do it in the most effective way. If you have a goal of reaching the VP level in the next 3 years, then ask yourself “what action, if I did it weekly for the next 3 years, would add up to me being a shoe-in for that role?” Then start doing it.
  4. Bring it all together: Keeping your head down and doing good work is a great strategy for keeping the job you have, but it won’t likely get you the next one. If you know you are ambitious and driven, then creating a strategy for how to get there is a must. This work is fun and exciting and is meant to enhance and inform how you do the work you are already doing, not necessarily become a massive addition to your to-do list.

Want support in bringing it all together? If you know you are going places and you want to do it with a proven framework so you don’t make costly mistakes or detours, let’s chat. You can book a time with me here.

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Emily Feairs
Leadership & Executive Coach for Women, Emily Feairs Coaching
Emily helps ambitious women blow past the status quo to have stand out careers & lives.