Alex Moore-Gibson

Alex Moore-Gibson


Hi! My name is Alex Moore-Gibson and I am an abstract, impressionist artist, working primarily with acrylic paints and oil pastels. My artwork is a result of an insatiable need to create and is informed by the beauty in the everyday. Emotions, physical surroundings, memories and my subconscious inform and guide my art practice; allowing me to explore my life in a way that no other form of therapy, soul searching or self-reflection could provide.

I am passionate about the power of creating a home that feels deeply personal, and I strive to create work that will elevate my collectors’ life and home. I love nothing more than being able to contribute to the beauty of ones physical surroundings; feeling confident that I have created a meaningful product that was made as sustainably and as locally as possible.

Through acrylic paint and abstract expression, my artwork strives to bring hope and joy into the lives of others.

I am primarily based out of Hamilton, Ontario, but spend any opportunity I get at our country home – inspired by the Russian Dachas – located in the beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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Session: Noonihour virtual cocktail party

Alex’s art will be on display at the noon-hour cocktail party.  Drop by to view her work and chat with her!

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