Ashlee Livingstone

Ashlee Livingstone

Personal Growth Coach

Mom, wife, entrepreneur and lover of a good hike. As a breathwork facilitator and personal growth coach Ashlee helps entrepreneurs and corporate high achievers ditch the hustle-and-grind culture for good so they can avoid burnout and feel massively confident as the leaders of their lives. Ashlee believes that all great strategy is only as effective as the mindset behind it. She works with her clients on her signature program: From Burnt Out to Balanced where they uncover and release limiting beliefs, patterns, and stories to help shift their mindset and have better success at implementing strategies for growth and success. Ashlee also hosts a group breathwork community for folks who are keen to deepen their self awareness, enhance their clarity and focus and learn to decompress after stressful days.

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Session: “Boundary” is NOT a DIRTY word!

We’ve all heard the word “boundary” before and while many of us logically understand the value of strong boundaries, the personal implementation is much more uncomfortable to follow through on. There are lots of reasons we struggle to set boundaries, from feeling like a pain in the butt, to not being a team player, to disappointing people or just thinking you “can’t” and in this session we will uncover your limiting belief around boundaries, help you reframe boundaries, and learn how to confidently set boundaries to protect your time, energy and priorities.


My advice for Summit attendees

With everything you release – think limiting beliefs, trauma, unhealthy habits/patterns, even people – you are creating capacity for more of what you truly desire