Carolyn Swora

Carolyn Swora

Human Spirit Ignitor

Carolyn is a trauma informed leadership coach, consultant and Human Spirit Ignitor that supports impact-driven leaders within purpose-led organizations to truly understand themselves so that they can lead from their most empowered and greatest version to drive real change.

★ WHAT SHE DOES: Helps leaders who are committed to real change uncover the human reasons they’re not able to show up and lead in the way they want to, reintroduces them to their true wisdom and power by helping them to understand their own blindspots, and core strengths and gives them the very real, practical tools they need (and were never taught) to lead with confidence, compassion, vulnerability and inspire their teams to greatness.

★ WHY SHE DOES IT: Committing to understanding trauma, your own lived experiences and how it impacts who you are, is committing to leaving the world (and the people around you) better off. Trauma-informed leadership is non-negotiable in today’s complex and ever-changing professional world. Carolyn has seen first hand how this is the missing piece in every organization that’s committed to impacting real, lasting change. Together we can change the world and the way we work and show up in it.

★ HIRE CAROLYN TO: Facilitate hard conversations, reignite the passion for your life and your work, unite your teams and get everyone working towards your common mission, understand what parts of your story and your lived experiences have brought you to where you are, and make you lead in the way you do, and help you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you.

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Session: Ditch the Wonder Woman act

There’s no question that women have suffered immensely through the pandemic and carried a heavy load. The references to our resilience and adaptability are praised, and images of superheroes like Wonder Woman are referenced.

How does this help us navigate the change better or lighten the load? It doesn’t because the focus is on how we are fitting into the existing patriarchal system. It perpetuates a warrior-like mentality that fighting and preserving is what you need to do to be successful.

It stresses the value of powering through at all odds. And can we do it, Yes. But it’s a fast track to burnout and disconnection.

I will introduce you to what I call “Evolved Leadership.” It was built from my experience of trying to balance life and work, that I know the audience will relate to. I was heralded as Wonder Woman and praised for my ability to handle significant adversity in my life. I was empty, lonely, and too busy to change. I was trying to raise my kids through the devasting loss of their father, continue to build my career, start my own business and blend a family.

Evolved Leadership makes space for feminine energy that is more gentle, collaborative, and intuitive. It’s the balance of masculine and feminine, power and gentleness that women need permission to integrate. We’re conditioned to drive with force and power, but it needs to change. We need to be gentle warriors and find greater peace within, which will allow authenticity to lead us.



My advice for Summit attendees

There is a gentle warrior in all of us, we simply need to find her. She blends power with kindness and allows imperfection to shine because that’s where her authenticity lies.