Emily Feairs

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Emily Feairs

Leadership Coach

Emily is a coach for smart, driven women who want to make an impact on the world and have their evenings free. A former executive and political advisor, with two small kids, Emily knows what it is like to juggle all the things and feel like you are failing at each one. With her background in psychology, her science-backed coaching methods make creating meaningful work without sacrificing your personal life and health simple and doable for even the busiest of us.

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Session: Better boundaries: How to make the most of your time
Ever finish the work day and wonder where all your time went? It’s easy to get bogged down with nonessential meetings and minor tasks that don’t support your strategic goals or projects.

This session will focus on tools to help you stay in control of your time and put hours back into your day by refocusing on what matters most. Emily will share a framework for effectively prioritizing your work and scheduling your time, discuss when and how to say “no” to busywork, and offer strategies for getting through your to-do list more efficiently so you can make progress on your biggest priorities.  

My advice for RE ENVISION Summit attendees

Success is not a destination or end result, but rather the commitment to finding your way back to the path each time you hit a roadblock or stray. Every step then becomes a celebration, an achievement, an opportunity to be in success.