Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis

Author, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, and Advisor

Julie Ellis is an author, keynote speaker and leadership coach to corporate leaders and scaling Entrepreneurs.  Julie provides her unique experience and expertise to her coaching clients, gained through 25 years of working first in the corporate world, and then as a leading Canadian entrepreneur.  She is a co-founder of award-winning Mabel’s Labels, one of Canada’s greatest small business success stories.

Julie’s book, Big Gorgeous Goals is written for women entrepreneurs who want to step out of the small box they find themselves in and set world domination in their sights.  In discussion with over a dozen women entrepreneurs, Julie explores their stories of why and how they have achieved great things in their lives and careers, and pairs that knowledge with her own stories of how she built, grew, and sold her business to a giant in her industry.

Julie’s Website & social links:

Website: www.julieellisandco.com and www.biggorgeousgoals.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/julie-ellis/

Instagram: instagram.com/thejulieellis and instagram.com/biggorgeousgoals

Facebook: facebook.com/julieellisandco

Fall Masterclass | Nov 24 | Big Gorgeous Goals: How Bold Women Achieve Great Things

Join us for our virtual Masterclass series featuring Julie Ellis, the author of “Big Gorgeous Goals”.   As professional women, we juggle diverse roles – entrepreneur, executive, caregiver, and more. Join our workshop-style Fall Masterclass to break free from the checklist mentality.

Tired of ordinary goal-setting? Discover how to craft Big Gorgeous Goals that resonate with your true potential. This interactive session isn’t just about planning; it’s about realizing your big ideas.

Led by Julie, who transformed a mom-inspired basement start-up into an international sensation, you’ll gain insights into stepping out of your comfort zone and leveraging your network effectively. Plus, receive a tailored workbook to guide your journey.

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My advice for attendees

Chasing your Big Gorgeous Goals is about stepping into your magnificence.  Yes, it will be hard and you may be afraid, but it’s all worth the chase.