Lisa Mitchell

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Lisa Mitchell

President, Green Apple Consulting Inc.

Lisa Mitchell is a Talent Management Thought Partner and Results Coach and Host of the podcast “Talent Management Truths.” As the Founder of Green Apple Consulting, her mission is to transform the working lives of millions by unlocking the potential of Talent Management Leaders. She supports them through transformational coaching, consulting and training for them AND the companies they serve. Lisa brings over 20 years’ experience as a Corporate Leader and Executive in the areas of Talent, L&D and HR.

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Session: Step up and lean in: Navigating moments of low confidence

We’ve all experienced moments of low confidence or self-doubt. In a time where we’re expected to achieve more with less, stepping into new situations can feel overwhelming. But lingering in moments of self-doubt can pose a risk to our credibility, influence and opportunity. Though it may feel safer to pass up an intimidating opportunity, these are the moments when we need to remember what we bring to the table, and break through the paralysis by stepping up and leaning in.

You’ll leave this session with realistic, proven strategies for elevating your credibility, influence and opportunity by improving your ability to persist and overcome in moments of self-doubt.


My advice for RE ENVISION Summit attendees

When you feel stuck or your confidence is temporarily low, ask yourself: “How might I reframe my view of what is possible?”