Natasha Sharma, Psy.D

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Natasha Sharma, Psy.D

CEO of NKS Therapy, Best-selling author of The Kindness Journal
Founder, The 8-Hour Therapist

Natasha Sharma is an Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and Canada’s most popular Media Expert on Emotional Fitness.

Natasha is the mother of two young boys, a singer, writer, pianist, and all around lover of the arts. In her spare time, she pursues a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits, including the best-selling self-care Journal The Kindness Journal which she Created, and the online self-help program The 8-Hour Therapist, which she Co-Created. Natasha is a leading international authority on relationships, parenting, and emotional fitness. Her TEDx Talk “Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think” has over a Quarter Million Views on YouTube and is one of the most popular TEDx talks.  She is currently working on her first book of short stories.

As an expert media contributor, Natasha has been quoted in major publications like The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Elle Magazine. She was a member of the Parenting Panel on the acclaimed CBC Radio show “Here and Now” hosted by Gill Deacon, and appears regularly as an expert commentator on popular TV and  Radio shows such as Breakfast Television Toronto, Global News Toronto, The Morning Show, Your Morning, CP24 News, CBC News, CBC Radio, and Cityline. She is also a contributing writer to a number of lifestyle publications. 

Natasha has a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and a Doctorate in Psychology from California Southern University. She has been devoted to inspiring and helping others to master their own Emotional Fitness and live their more fulfilling and happier lives for over a decade. Visit to learn more.


Session: Taking control through proactive self-care

Uncertainty and unpredictability have characterised the last two years of our lives, and show little sign of slowing. Living in a state of flux that requires us to constantly adapt and change can be exhausting, and can take a toll on our mental and emotional health.

This presentation will focus on understanding (and accepting) which facets of your personal and professional life you can control. Natasha will explore a proactive approach to building a foundation of positive mental and emotional wellbeing by managing your sleeping habits, maintaining a nutritional diet and looking after your emotional fitness in a way that helps you feel balanced, prepared and in control.