Priya Sam

Priya Sam

Story Architect, Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Priya Sam is your Story Architect.

She went from working behind the scenes in a small television newsroom to being a national morning show host in just five years. After that, Priya pivoted to a career in tech and started her own consulting and coaching business.

Her passion for helping women build confidence and take up more space through storytelling is inspired by the countless deserving women she has seen passed up for promotions and opportunities.

Her goal in working with clients 1:1 and in group settings is to harness the power of their personal stories by uncovering their biggest turning points and teaching them to create compelling narratives to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

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Session: Unleash Your Elevator Pitch

In this session you’ll learn how the power of storytelling can help you to make meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression. If you dread answering the question, “tell me about yourself…”, this session will help you flip the script and come up with an answer you look forward to delivering.

My advice for Summit attendees

Confidence is not about erasing the past. It’s about owning it. Your story, with all its highs and lows, is the blueprint of your confidence.