Robin Lacambra

Robin Lacambra

Somatic and Relational Therapist

Robin Lacambra is a queer Filipina artist, mother, feeler, mover, speaker, and creator, passionate about building cultures of compassion within ourselves and each other. Robin is a somatic and relational therapist, director of the Safer Spaces Project, and founder of GOODBODYFEEL Studio. The various branches of her work are rooted in collective, personal and intergenerational healing and liberation. Robin seeks to explore what is held in her body and to understand the historical stories that influence her present. Through her work, Robin hopes to illuminate the bridges that connect us all. Whether through writing, facilitation, experience creation or movement, these works are fuelled by this curiosity and commitment to the interconnection between us and our healing.

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Session: Sustainable Performance

What motivates you? What drives your effort? At what cost? When do you give yourself permission to rest or indulge in joy? In this presentation, Robin challenges perfectionism (i.e. burnout culture in disguise) with various ways to create good impact with our work without it coming at the cost of our emotional, mental and physical health.


My advice for Summit attendees

Your peace, joy and rest are birthrights, not things you have to earn to deserve.