Tammy Heermann

Tammy Heermann

Author, Speaker, Advocate for Women’s Advancement

Tammy Heermann is an award-winning leadership expert sought out by some of the world’s top companies for her programs that accelerate women’s advancement.

In 2021, she published Reframe Your Story: Real Talk for Women Who Want to Let Go, Do Less and Be More-Together urging women to challenge the current narratives reinforced by society, systems and those of your own making.

For over twenty years, she has helped change thousands of mindsets around what it takes to lead, both self and others.

While having impact in the C-suite, nothing makes her happier than pushing up-and-coming leaders to break through organizational and self-imposed barriers to reach their potential. Tammy transforms her audiences with alternating moments of humor and heartache as she shares stories of her own journey from senior consultant to senior vice president.

Tammy  is a perennial mentor with Women in Communications and Technology and is also addicted to the Peloton, Pilates and perogies. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Learn more: www.tammyheermann.com

Session: Reframe Your Story: Master your mindset, change your life

Are you convinced you’re not cut out for that job or that you don’t know enough to speak up in that meeting? Do you believe that good team players always say yes, or that building profile is self-serving, slimy or smarmy? We know the power of stories to change and to persuade, but we rarely examine the most important stories: those we tell ourselves. We walk around with toxic mindsets about what we’re capable of, what is possible and what we can accomplish.

In this keynote Tammy asks you to think about the unhelpful stories you tell yourself that hold you back. She will spur you to change the conversation you have with yourself so that you can adjust your behaviors, exhibit new skills and transform perceptions about what you can accomplish personally and professionally. Change your mindset, change the conversation, change your life.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Understand the seven common stories you tell yourself; those that are reinforced by society, systems and those of your own making

  • Begin to put an end to the negative self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviors and unconscious habits that are keeping you stuck

  • Learn practical ways to combat toxic mindsets before, during and after they occur


My advice for Summit attendees

What do you say to yourself, and how much do you listen? Mastering your mindset is the most important skill for your career and your life. You will never completely rid yourself of the negative voices, but you can get good at reframing them.