It’s often eye-rolls and snorts from women in the audience when I repeat this conventional work advice, ‘put your head down, do good work and eventually someone will notice you.’

You’re already crushing it, but while you wait for the recognition you deserve, mediocre people get ahead.

So, instead of exhausting yourself to be “so good they can’t ignore you,” let’s make 2024 the year of self-promotion and bragging rights!

Here are a few steps to take based on my book Bragging Rights: How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion to help get you started.

You’re already an expert; it’s time to own it. Instead of seeking external validation, start with self-recognition. Give yourself that pat on the back. Write about it in your Brag Book.

Moving from a hidden to visible gem is essential. Start to share your professional journey, highlighting key learnings, successes, and even challenges. It’s about making your professional narrative visible and accessible, paving the way for opportunities and connections.

For Bragging Rights, I conducted the most extensive international research study on bragging and self-promotion. I found that so many find bragging “icky,” because of social-cultural norms, but they know they get left out of opportunities when they don’t “toot their own horn.”

One way to start feeling more comfortable talking about success, (and if you’re a leader, developing a culture of success), is to use the ‘success echo’ technique. Use your platform to amplify the success of your peers and team members. By recognizing and sharing others’ accomplishments, you create an ‘echo’ effect where the focus on collective success reinforces your position as a collaborative and supportive professional.

Shining a light on others, it does come back to you.

Contributing Author:
Lisa Bragg
Speaker & Author
Bragging Rights